Nick Seyler is a Pittsburgh area photographer, audio engineer, and manager who focuses on working closely with musicians. He has learned this from not only being there for it, but experiencing it as a classically trained tubist and a bass player in multiple music projects.


Seyler began shooting at a young; he immediately worked to catalogue the concerts that his friends' bands played at local venues. Having cut his teeth in the hectic world of punk and metal music lends to the raw emotional display of his craft. To this day, though an accomplished portraiture and landscape photographer, his skill truly shines in the world of event photography.


Not only does Seyler have a history in documenting the events of the band, he has experience in recording, mixing, and mastering the bands that he has continued to work with. 


These paths of works have not only helped him build relationships with bands that he's worked with, but have allowed him to be a multitool in the development of artists. 


Seyler is currently a student at Duquesne University where he studies Music Technology. He is available for hire for tour, portraits, promos, and events, and can be reached through the contact form.